Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adding Sugar Water Feeders to the Hives

I'm using an "inside the hive" feeder method.  The hive on the left was set up yesterday with just a veil on and no camera crew, but today I figured, I had the bee suit, I should use it.

A little puff of smoke to let them know I'm here and to not bother me (it causes them to take on honey and masks the alarm pheromones):

Take off the top and give them another puff through the top inner screen:

Now it's fully open, nothing stopping them from attacking, but they don't seem to mind (bees really are pretty calm):

Now I place the inner top on upside down (so the notch faces the hive frames). I don't want the notch up, which is the usual method, which allows bees to come in, then down the center hole, because I'm going to cover the center hole with the feeder.  This way, they can still use the top entrance to get to the hive, and the feeder can be accessed later without opening the active part of the hive.

Container of sugar syrup (1:1 sugar to water):

The lid has a series of 1/16" holes drilled into it, that when the vacuum forms, just allows drips of sugar water to hang for the bees:

Positioning the feeder over the hole in the inner cover:

Stack on a couple of empty supers to cover the feeder:

Reinstall the inner screen to ensure no bees get in through the top (not really necessary):

Then put back on the telescoping top (metal covered lid) and cinch down the straps (so no animals can get inside):


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