Thursday, April 26, 2012

Deannexation Reversed. Rezoned with Variance

Quick, long overdue update.  The Deannexation was quickly reversed a day later due to the fact that they technically weren't allowed to vote on it.  During the following days, there were several meetings asking us to consider rezoning with a variance.  After much deliberation, we thought it would be better to work with them (now that they were willing to work with us), and we came to an agreement.

We rezoned, without much debate into "Restricted Agricultural" zone.  This allows a density of 2 animals per acre of pasture, but still disallows the keeping of fowl or swine.

Our Special Use/Variance request was approved for the following:

1) Fowl at an average density of 10 fowl per acre of property (pasture or woodlands)
2) Swine at a density of 1 swine per 3 acres of property (pasture or woodlands)
3) Honeybees (apiary)
4) Roadside stand for farm products (parking provided on our property)
5) Farm Tours, U-Pick-It operations, and seasonal outdoor mazes (long term plans)

While there were no specific restrictions against honeybees at the time, the recent uproar about honeybees in Forsyth county prompted us to include this "just in case".

This was all approved on April 26, 2012.

Finally approved.  Isabel is happy!

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